Today we are interviewing Adenin, an all-encompassing Intranet software IntelliEnterprise using artificial intelligence to boost their user’s productivity.

1- What is Adenin Technologies?

Adenin Technologies is an American software maker that has been in business since 1999 with their all-encompassing Intranet software IntelliEnterprise. The company has three offices, in Boston, MA as well as Newcastle, UK and Nuremberg, Germany. Since 2016 the company has also developed their AI Assistant for the workplace offering, called Digital Assistant.

2- How is Adenin Technologies leveraging the field of virtual assistants to solve a problem/achieve a goal?

1 in 10 employees use over 11 different systems on a daily basis. Unsurprisingly, employees waste at least a third of their productive time looking for and aggregating information as it is oftentimes too spread out and various systems prove to be too tricky to access and navigate. By using virtual assistants we give all the data from a companies’ different silos, from the cloud and on-premises, a common interface through which the user can receive updates, take action or ask questions.

3- How is Adenin Technologies contributing to the field of virtual assistants?

We have created the world’s first AI-powered workplace assistant when we introduced it to the public in 2016 at Intranet Reloaded in Boston, MA. Since then we’ve gone on to win over many forward-thinking customers such as Cisco Systems but also get a lot of recognition from the industry with many awards such as the Digital Workplace Group award for Best Digital Workplace 2018.

There is a number of areas where we have established a thought leadership in terms of a modern understanding of workplace experiences and how that translates into the execution of our product: Like our smart, HTML5 Assistant Cards that show you key information at a glance and let you fill out forms or decide on requests. Our NLP Engine that works even for on-premises installations so that large enterprises can securely run their own AIs. Or our decided move to be data-agnostic: We play with all kinds of data and ourselves integrate well into other products and Intranet experiences, notably SharePoint. No to mention our support for Alexa and Google Assistant from day one; recognizing that the future of work is not just office-bound but also in your kitchen, in your car or at the gym.

4- How did Adenin Technologies get started?

adenin has been a maker of Intranet software since 1999, but a few years ago realized that Intranet software across the board is architecturally prone to create more data silos within companies, not break them down. This in turn contributes to a trend within Intranet software that users are generally not that happy with their Intranets, no matter what platform a company uses. This thinking let to creation of a new approach, a next generation of Intranets if you will. Made for the modern age, the data from today, for the workplace of tomorrow. We call it Digital Assistant, the world’s first AI Assistant for the workplace.

5- How do you see the future of Adenin Technologies in 5 years?

Our approach to Digital Workplaces as being an AI-powered Assistant that almost harkens back to the days when people had actual PAs is where the industry is going, customers and industry experts both confirms this trend to us over and over again. Our platform can manage complex backend tasks, while appearing simple and unobstructive to the end user. It both works with any existing data from your Intranet, CRM, ERP etc. but also brings this data to any kind of interface, like chatbots, Alexa, Google Assistant or the Digital Assistant app. Consequently we think that we will gain a significant foothold in a new market of companies that already have Intranets but want to have a layer on top of it that takes their Intranet to be a truly digital employee experience.