Visual recognition, emotional analysis, language comprehension, data reconciliation … Artificial intelligence will not replace humans, but it sharpens the senses of marketing professionals.

Will AI replace the human? The question has been asked a thousand times, and the answer is often the same: “No”. But a “but” follows almost always. If the AI ​​will never replace the human and, a fortiori, the marketer, his senses are more and more sharp! Not to the point of replacing the overflowing imagination of our DA, but its thousands of eyes already scrutinize what you do in stores or on social networks, while the ears of Alexa, Cortana and other names ending in ” ome “or” od “multiply in your homes. These functionalities of the IA open a new field of the data, visual, sound … How to exploit at best this new data? I give you a thousand: thanks to AI! It becomes the thinking head of your companies, failing to make the decisions. Because as the essayist Idriss Aberkane says, in AI, there is certainly a lot of intelligence, but it is more human than artificial. If the AI ​​knows how to play chess or the game of go, it is because it recorded and dissected an astronomical sum of human decisions.

To the many marketing managers who are wondering how to use AI, both to increase their performance and to work on the innovative image of their brand, we dedicate these articles (see below). What are the most mature uses? Can they be deployed on a large scale? How to collaborate with the AI? Stop the bullshit! “Real AI is characterized by its non-deterministic approach, and often what we are sold as AI is simply a large-scale statistical analysis,” says Guilhem Fouetillou, founder of Linkfluence. you say IA in a pitch, you raise funds.The rule is: “Fake it and did yourself,” he says, before pointing out that many solutions are based on GAFA open source engines: “We use Google’s Tensorflow, which we of course adapted. We have a team of AI pioneers, some of whom are getting hundreds of thousands of dollars each week to go to Silicon Valley … “

AI has a cost, especially human. But the sooner you get hold of it, the sooner you’ll know if you’re done for it or not. “Being innovative is one thing, but the advantage of an AI project is to make an internal inventory of your company: either you make the AI ​​to exploit the data you have, or you try to do to see the data you lack, “Douglas Willcocks Advocates, Artefact CDO.

Then the question arises: to IA or not to IA?