Today’s overview is about Mega Robotics

Product Overview

The ultimate robotic construction kit with 8 pre-defined models you can build, teach and control through our app! Alternatively, create your own!

Product Details

The Tinkerbots Mega Robotics Set includes 5 different powerful and smart interactive modules! Take the Powerbrain, the red cube that contains the microcontroller sending all energy and data. Connect any module by simply snapping them together. The Motor propels anything you attach to it. Connecting the two Pivot modules will allow your robot move freely around the house. The Twister turns your robot around and the Grabber opens and closes to grab anything in its reach. Use the Cube to connect up to six modules at the same time. Attach the brick adapters to combine your Tinkerbots with LEGO® or other building systems and use the different, colorful Cubies to give your robot any shape you like.

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Maker: TinkerBots
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Product Maker Overview

TinkerBots believes that nothing creates such bonds as playing together, so they have come up with a playing experience for the whole family, for friends and friends of friends.