Over the years there has been a rise in the use of technology in everyday businesses. But, this doesn’t simply mean the standard computers or hard drives we use in our daily routines. Newer technology, such as artificial intelligence (AI) is on the rise in the workplace especially because of the productivity benefits.
According to a study, artificial intelligence has the ability to increase productivity by 40% or more. Through data collection, automation, decision making, and cyber-security, AI can boost profitability by an average of 38%. This can help free up valuable time for employees.

Today we are interviewing 24me, an award-winning Personal Assistant using artificial intelligence to boost their user’s productivity.

1-      What is 24me?

24me is an award-winning Personal Assistant that helps millions of people all over the world to boost their productivity. It’s an easy-to-use and yet super powerful app that puts everything related to the schedule in one place: your CALENDAR, TO-DO LIST, NOTES and Personal Accounts. 24me saves time for the things that matter most in our life.

2-      How is 24me leveraging the field of personal assistants to solve a
problem/achieve a goal?

24me looks at people’s schedule as something holistic. Our approach is that everything related to your time should be on the calendar, and that 24me helps get things done quickly and hassle free. That’s why tasks and events appear on the calendar, with completion buttons, that allows users to complete that task with one tap directly from their calendar. In addition, 24me users artificial intelligence to send personalized notifications to users so they could boost their productivity and be on top of things.

3-      How is 24me influencing the field of personal assistants?

24me is ranked among the top personal assistants worldwide. It was one of the first to approach the assistants from the completions standpoint, and help users not only by reminding them what they need to do, but also help them complete their tasks and errands. 

4-      How did 24me get started?

24me is based on a the personal story of the founders both couple in life, and parents of three. They decided to build a solution for busy people like them, who juggle between their careers and family life, and provide one-stop-shop solution for managing life. 

5-      How do you see the future of 24me in 5 years?

24me will continue to bring more innovation to help users be on top of their schedule and complete their tasks and errands. 24me will continue to introduce new algorithms that will help users fight procrastination and boost their productivity, similar to the procrastination fighter available these days in the product.

If you would like to learn more about the company please visit: http://twentyfour.me

Using AI to boost your company’s productivity

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