Face Recognition

Products: Automotive
Company Overview: Our technology consists in a biometric software that processes in real time, the image stream from one camera in order to get facial features of the driver. The software aims to analyze drowsiness, fatigue levels, distraction, stress levels and be able to identify the driver as well as to identify his sex and age in order to create a driver’s profile. The software main goal is to alert the driver for dangerous driving behaviors and to wake him up if he falls asleep while driving.
Business Genre:
Country: Portugal
Products: Security & Investigations
Company Overview: VU is a specialist in Cybersecurity software development, with focus on the prevention of fraud and identity theft. These solutions are aimed at corporate level, end users and government agencies and are based on the evaluation of user behavior in order to protect against targeted attacks, pharming, phishing, man in the middle, vishing and botnets. The company’s mission is to maintain the authenticity, confidentiality, integrity and availability before, during and after making a critical transaction
Business Genre:
Country: Argentina