Natural Language Generation

AdZis, Inc.
Products: Adzis as a Service, Adzis App, Adzis NLG,
Company Overview: Bringing the power of AI – Natural Language Generation to the masses.
Country: US
Arria NLG plc
Products: Information Technology & Services
Company Overview: If your company is drowning in data we can help.Arria NLG’s software solutions explain complex data sets in articulate language. Our core product, the Arria NLG Platform, combines cutting-edge techniques in data analytics, artificial intelligence and computational linguistics. It analyses large and diverse data sets and automatically writes tailored, actionable reports on what’s happening within that data, with no human intervention, at vast scale and speed.
Country: US, GB
Products: Information Technology & Services
Company Overview: At Articoolo we developed an algorithm that creates unique (“original”), proofread, high-quality textual content from scratch, simulating a real human writer. Our technology is aimed at helping writers create textual content by making the creation process quicker, cost efficient, and much more pleasant. It works like the human brain when asked to write an article, using NLP and AI processes.