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ROBOTIS is a company that specializes in producing actuators and servos which enable the creation of various robots and kits for hobbyists, STEM education or entertainment.
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Robotis is producing several lines of humanoid robotic kits. In addition to their release of the ROBOTIS-Mini, they also produce a larger Darwin-OP which has been used for research and development in many universities around the world. Further, they produce a BIOLOID line of robots that can be used for students in middle and high schools.
ROBOTIS is a leading developer of smart servos, industrial actuators, manipulators, open-source humanoid platforms, and educational robotic kits.

At ROBOTIS, they strive to develop solutions for the robotic needs of various groups, ranging from K-16, to research institutions and industry.

ROBOTIS'? DYNAMIXEL smart servos have a reputation for high quality and exceptional performance. In 2013, ROBOTIS launched the DYNAMIXEL PRO series. These actuators are targeted for advanced robotic systems and industrial applications.

ROBOTIS is the co-developer of the open-source humanoid platform, DARwIn-OP, and is also a member of Team THOR in Track A of DARPA's Robotics Challenge.

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