Computer science

Products: E-learning
Company Overview: The cloud learning platform for higher performance CS & STEM education programs – making teaching easier & creating a better learning experience for students
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Country: GB
Shift Technology
Products: Information Technology & Services
Company Overview: Shift Technology provides insurance companies with an innovative SaaS solution to improve and scale fraud detection and claims handling. The analyses performed by Shift are fast and thorough, quantitative and qualitative. Its efficient algorithms are tailored to reproduce fraud handlers’? deductive reasoning, making investigations quicker and easier than ever.
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Country: France
Soar Technology, Inc.
Products: Computer Software
Company Overview: Is it possible for software to understand and anticipate human reasoning? At SoarTech, we believe it is. We build intelligent systems for defense, government, and commercial applications that emulated human decision making in order to enhance user abilities – saving time, money, and lives
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Country: uS